2 Is Better Than 1

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had fabulous Thanksgiving! I know I ate a lot of turkey and had tons of fun with my family.

Here’s my Thanksgiving look from this year:


You probably can’t tell from pictures but this overall dress was a dark red, almost dark orange color. I have recently been seeing a lot of people wearing overall dresses, so I wanted to give it a try. I fell in love with this faux suede one and I knew immediately I wanted to pair it with a turtle neck. Instead of spending the money on a white turtle neck, I dug through my mom’s closet and found one (basically vintage). It was supposed to be very cold that day in New Jersey, so I threw on some black and white socks to stay warm.

The thing I love about the color of this overall dress is that I could wear it for Thanksgiving or even Christmas. If I put on an off the shoulder white long sleeve shirt, it would be nice for Christmas too. If I wanted to wear this outfit to class or to a restaurant, I could put on a black and white striped shirt or a simple black tee underneath. It’s great for any and all occasions!

Outfit Details:

Overall Dress: Forever 21-$20

Turtle Neck: Free- (but probably $10-$15)

High Knee Socks: Forever 21-$6.90

Jewelry: Swarovski Crystal- Not sure of the price

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season! Follow me on Instagram @shreyabendre


Shreya 💕💕

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