Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!

It’s been a while, but I’m back!!

We have had a season change since the last time I posted, so now it’s officially Fall! Most people love the fall because everything starts to cool down and you can bring out the sweaters and drink hot cocoa. I am more of a summer person, but I can work with the fall, especially when it comes to clothes!

Here’s how I styled some fall clothing that went well with different kinds of footwear!

Look 1:


Look 2:


Look 3:


Everywhere I go I’ve been seeing cheetah print lately, so when I found this cheetah dress, I had to have it (you guessed it, it was on sale!!) To make this dress more appropriate for the weather, I added a black shirt to tie it all together.

When I was putting this look together, I realized it went well with all kinds of boots/shoes. The first pair of boots gives the outfit a more of an edgy look. The 2nd look, made me feel trendy and casual since sneakers are so in right now. Finally, the 3rd look was a little bit more girly and sophisticated. Which ever shoes you choose, cheetah print is the way to go!!


Dress: Vanilla Sky- $8

Black shirt: Target- $5

1st pair of booties: Burlington Coat Factory-$20

Sneakers: Nike-$75

2nd pair of booties: ??-Free


Let me know which shoes looks best to you! Follow @shreyabendre on Instagram for more updates on my life.


Shreya 💕💕

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