Passion for Fashion Week

Hi everyone, welcome back!

Sadly, tomorrow is the last day of fashion week in NYC, so I wanted to reminisce about the FIRST fashion show, my mom and I were able to attend this week. The show was called The SOCIETY Fashion show.

Here are some pictures and videos during the show:


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The Society Fashion Show, showcases emerging designers and models. The show consisted of fashion for men, women, teens, and children. Each designer showed clothing that was made for any body type. As a short girl, it was refreshing to see models of my height and build. This helped to show that fashion has become more inclusive. 

The show started out with all body types of women wearing dark clothes. These clothes were great for fall/winter fashion. This involved lots of pants, jumpsuits, dresses, and even cardigans. Then, we saw prom dresses and clothing for teens. These clothes were great for spring/summer. This style involved a lot of shorts and outfits with matching tops and bottoms. Next, there were kids clothing. They showed princess dresses, halloween costumes, and even crocheted clothes. The kids were super cute! Towards the end a lot more colorful clothes for women were shown. I saw flare pants, mustard jumpsuits, and polka dot dresses. 

My favorite designers of the show, created prom dresses for teens. Each dress was either embroidered with jewels or had detailed designs cut into them. I also really loved seeing the designers doing the catwalk after all of their models had finished walking. They were always beaming with happiness and you could tell they felt so proud of their work.

Here’s what I wore:


Pretending to be a fashion week model.




My mom and I on the red carpet!

This lovely dress is from Ludovica, a small boutique in Westwood NJ. The store was closing their website, so all of their clothes were 70% off. The dress was originally $66 and I bought it for $16 (not including shipping). It’s an amazing forest green color with both shoulders cut out. It’s filled with ruffles and I love how it ties at the back, so you can see you can show off your waistline. It will also be great in the fall/winter time with some tights. 

Dress- Ludovica ($16)

Shoes- Kohl’s ($15)

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Shreya  💕💕

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