The Bikini Lifestyle

Welcome to CheapFrills: Beach Edition!

After a long week of interning it’s great to head down to the Jersey Shore. This weekend has been the perfect beach weekend. It’s been clear skies and a whole lot of sun.

Check out the amazing bikini I wore:



A crazy, windy day at the beach

I’ve been obsessing over this bikini since the day I got it, so I’m so happy to show you all! I love anything floral and pink, plus the off the shoulder look makes this bikini even more stylish.

This bathing suit only costs $16!! Nowadays, just a bikini top costs $18 or more and then having to pay for the bottoms too, gets extremely costly. Places like TJ Maxx, Kohls, and the Burlington Coat Factory are great places to get some cheap bathing suits.

Bikini (Top and Bottom together)- Burlington Coat Factory ($16)

See you all next week for more cheap fashion!



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